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These cases are not judged for their individual qualities. They are all treated the same regardless of the circumstances. When zero tolerance is thought of, it seems like a very practical way of dealing with the problems that we face everyday in the school system. However, we then have to ask ourselves if it is fair to give all "offenders" of a crime the same punishment without looking at the circumstances of each case.

There have been many cases of zero tolerance use that shows just how unfair this policy is. An example of the misuse of zero tolerance is this; a student was kicked out of school for writing a paper that involved guns. This paper said nothing about harming anyone but the student was still kicked out.

Is this to say that by having the word "gun" in my paper that I will be kicked out of school too? Zero Tolerance has a very good literal appeal. Parents and some students alike are happy to have this disciplinary action.

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However, zero tolerance would not have stopped the school shootings that have recently plagued the country. A recent poll showed that schools having a "secure building", one with metal detectors and locker searches, were more fearful of shootings than those schools with less restrictive school safety measures Justice Policy Institute. When Rev. Jesse Jackson was asked about zero tolerance on the effect of school shootings he gave this response, "Would zero tolerance have stopped the shooting at Paducah or at Columbine?

I think not. If somebody's sufficiently malfunctioning and in confusion, shooting classmates may be their first act of violence". This quote shows that zero tolerance is not the answer to discipline problems in the school. A student with the idea of harming other students is apparently not concerned with the consequences of their actions. In a way, zero tolerance seems like a way for the school to not have to deal with the problem. Does that seem like the right way to teach or help a student in need? To some students a suspension or expulsion is just some days that they don't have to go to school.

So when people look at zero tolerance and think of it as a good thing they are not actually looking at it in its entirety. Instead of suspending or expelling the student, they should be helped, whether it is some form of counseling or other action. Giving students free days from school with expulsion or suspension is not helping that student, it is actually making the situation worse. A majority of the time it is students who feel that no one cares for them that commit crimes in schools.

Zero tolerance is sending the message that we school don't care what problems you have, just get out. The number of students that have been suspended each year has doubled since in the past twenty-five years. In , the number of students suspended was 1. That number jumped to 3. In certain counties in Florida almost half of high school students have been suspended at least once.

The first year that Chicago implemented its zero tolerance policy was in My ten-year-old cousin went to a public school where he was a part of the minority group. He found a pocketknife at home and thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen.

Being an immature, unknowing child, my cousin brought the pocketknife to school to show his friends, not intending on using it in any dangerous way possible. The principal, being the one to decide punishment, automatically expelled my ten-year-old cousin for bringing a pocketknife to school, even though he did not harming anyone or anything with the knife. Because my cousin was expelled from school, he is no longer in school this year and now has to repeat the grade.

This is a perfect example of how the zero tolerance policy leads to school dropout and failure to graduate on time. Not only is the process of punishment a controversy, but whether or not racism is used to punish is also an issue concerning the zero tolerance policy. An important controversy when debating on the zero tolerance policy is whether or not racism is involved when schools are punishing students.

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Russell Skiba and Allen Mendler argue that schools are completely just and equal when determining punishments for violence in schools. They agree that no matter race, ethnicity, language, or abilities, if you portray a violent action, rash punishments will result 1. Although supporters agree that the policy treats all people equal, those who oppose the policy agree that racism occurs when punishing students using the zero tolerance policy.

According to those that oppose the policy, zero tolerance is an unjust policy that does not treat all students equally. The American Psychological Association APA agrees that the disproportionate discipline of students of color is and continues to be a concern when discussing the zero tolerance policy.

They believe that most expulsions and suspensions are punishments that result from African Americans or Latinos that are violent in schools. Another target group of schools that use the zero tolerance policy are those people with disabilities, especially with emotional and behavioral disorders 2. There are many important controversies dealing with the zero tolerance policy, and many people either support the controversy or are opposed to the controversy.

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Zero tolerance attempts to prevent violence in schools and create a safer environment for the school community. It is viewed as a policy that that tries to teach students wrong from right, and gives students a sense of discipline. Although some believe that the policy has good intentions, there are many controversies that aroused, causing many debates that challenge the effectiveness of the policy.

While many people who believe that the policy creates a safer environment for students and teachers support the zero tolerance policy, there are many who oppose the zero tolerance policy, arguing that it is unfair and ineffective in reducing violence in schools. Home Essay examples Zero Tolerance Policy.

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zero tolerance synthesis essay Zero tolerance synthesis essay
zero tolerance synthesis essay Zero tolerance synthesis essay
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zero tolerance synthesis essay Zero tolerance synthesis essay
zero tolerance synthesis essay Zero tolerance synthesis essay
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zero tolerance synthesis essay Zero tolerance synthesis essay

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