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If we start to examine the general laws of perception, we see that as perception gcse english discursive essays becomes habitual, it becomes viktor shklovsky essay art as device automatic. Philosophy of Film: Continental Perspectives. Uploaded by. For viktor shklovsky essay art as device example: Remember: I have to "approve" all comments so you won't see it immediately after posting What is style?

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This essay follows the emerging relationship between aesthetic sense sample grad school essay questions and literary personality as core components of nineteenth-century style MLA style: "Virginia Woolf". Thus, art comparison essay conclusions for viktor shklovsky essay art as device example, all of our habits retreat.

Shklovsky gives the account of literature as a form of thinking its definitive articulation, but refamiliarizing ourselves with his work enables us to perceive how frequently elements of his version of it recur in other theorists.

So, too, familiar nineteenth-century literary and cultural theory. Witness the most Shklovskian passage in the whole of Victorian literature, which I've been holding in reserve until this concluding paragraph, and which itself appears in a conclusion:. Philosophiren , says Novalis, ist dephlegmatisiren, vivificiren.

The service of philosophy, of speculative culture, towards the human spirit, is to rouse, to startle it to a life of constant and eager observation. While all melts under our feet, we may well grasp at any exquisite passion, or any contribution to knowledge that seems by a lifted horizon to set the spirit free for a moment, or any stirring of the senses, strange dyes, strange colours, and curious odours, or work of the artist's hands, or the face of one's friend. And whereas Pater lists art as one among several possible avenues of rescue, for Shklovsky art in its incarnation as form is all in all.

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Shklovsky's form dephlegmatizes, vivifies. Shklovsky's form, a form of thinking, is also a form of living.

Art as Technique | Literary Theory and Criticism

Oxford English Dictionary , s. As for me, I am a fish—a writer who analyzes literature as art. All his translators call attention to the peculiarities of Shklovsky's prose. Favret, Watt, Conrad in the Nineteenth Century , Conrad in the Nineteenth Century , Shklovsky, A Hunt for Optimism , Jameson, The Prison-House of Language , Trotsky, Literature and Revolution , The sentence appears in Shklovsky's Knight's Move. This piece was originally published in Russian in as part of The Theory of Prose , which bears the same title as but is substantially different from a book Shklovsky first published in On the one hand, the mature publication appears to negate the very existence of the formalist volume by taking its place; on the other, the new book calls attention to the old one.

Just why precisely this stupid, savage means of causing pain and not any other—why not prick the shoulders … with needles, squeeze the hands or feet in a vise? Shklovsky, quoted in Vitale, Shklovsky: Witness to an Era , Shklovsky, quoted in Vitale, Shklovsky , Spencer, The Philosophy of Style , Shklovsky, The Theory of Prose , The theorist who insisted on power as productive rather than repressive ought to give us form that produces—and not because it affords but precisely because and only insofar as it constrains.

Levine, Forms , 15, 4, x. My thanks to Dana Seitler for pointing out this moment in Benjamin.

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Send article to Dropbox. Send article to Google Drive. Extract My title is paradoxical, possibly wrong. Which is the same thing. Art was given for that. Notes 1. Conrad, Heart of Darkness , Shklovsky, Bowstring , Levine, Pater, The Renaissance , — Pater, The Renaissance , Works Cited Adorno , Theodor. Translated by McDonagh , Francis. London : Verso , : — Adorno , Theodor.

Negative Dialectics Translated by Ashton , E.

London : Routledge , Bal , Mieke. Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative Translated by van Boheemen , Christine.

Russian Formalism and Defamiliarization

Toronto : University of Toronto Press , Benjamin , Walter. One-Way Street and Other Writings. Translated by Jephcott , Edmund and Shorter , Kingsley. London : New Left , Bewes , Timothy. Boym , Svetlana. Durham : Duke University Press , Browning , Robert. The Poetical Works of Robert Browning. Edited by Jack , Ian and Inglesfield , Robert. Clarendon : Oxford University Press , Chatman , Seymour.

The Russian Formalist, Victor Shklovsky, Re-Interprets Literature in Art As Technique

Conrad , Joseph. Heart of Darkness London : Penguin , Edited by Kimbrough , Robert. New York : Norton , Deleuze , Gilles. Difference and Repetition Translated by Patton , Paul. London : Continuum , Favret , Mary. Foucault , Michel. Edited by Rabinow , Paul , 76 — New York : Pantheon , Narrative Discourse: An Essay in Method Translated by Lewin , Jane E. Hardy , Florence Emily. The Life of Thomas Hardy — Toronto : Macmillan ,

shklovsky art as technique essay Shklovsky art as technique essay
shklovsky art as technique essay Shklovsky art as technique essay
shklovsky art as technique essay Shklovsky art as technique essay
shklovsky art as technique essay Shklovsky art as technique essay
shklovsky art as technique essay Shklovsky art as technique essay
shklovsky art as technique essay Shklovsky art as technique essay
shklovsky art as technique essay Shklovsky art as technique essay

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