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Six Steps of the Scientific Method

Cigarettes are not the only example of a substance causing addiction: drugs, alcohol, electronics, and sugar are also contenders. Solving addiction would cure a widespread problems and would help solve various issues of differing sizes, small being hooked on drinking caffeine several times a day, to large ones like having an irrepressible love for gambling to the point of visiting the casino daily. To investigate addiction would be a relevant and needed search. Secondly, investigating addiction would help many people.

Over the summer I saw a movie trailer about Amy Winehouse and her tragic life, which sparked my curiosity about her. Amy Winehouse was a talented singer who died at the young age of 27 from a drug overdose. The fact that there is a name for them says something about the widespread problem of addiction. Additionally, I often see signs of electronic addiction in my friends and classmates.

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Once in math class I noticed a girl was checking her texts about every five seconds, and later she told me checking her texts so often was her normal routine. Seeing widespread behaviors like this is teenagers and adults makes me nervous, and I feel looking into addiction could help many people enamored with harmful things.

The Scientific Method

Lastly, I have always been interested in how humans work. When I was five and visiting my local library, I checked out science magazines and books. One of the most fascinating tidbits I learned is how when speaking to someone, if you ask the person to do a favor for you and she carries out the task, it triggers the brain to make her to feel that she likes you. Just learning about why and how humans become addicted would be interesting for me, even if I did not make any discoveries. On the topic of humans, I am also interested in vaccines and how to create cures for diseases.

If I could combine my knowledge of vaccines and what I will study with human addiction, I could create a cure of some kind to stop addiction in humans. This medical advance would not just be needed, I would enjoy creating it as it correlates to my passions. In conclusion, I would love to learn how to rid humans of addiction, because: it would solve many types of problems, it would help numerous people, and I am interested human behavior.

Addiction is definitely a problem, and a solution is much-needed in our world. If you do, your essay will sound more like a debate instead of a professional essay. With unlimited resources, most people would send people to the moon, but I would target a current world problem. There are many big scientific issues in this world: world hunger, illnesses, global warming, etc.

I am so sick of it.

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  • On TV, I see animals choking on trash. It makes me so bad, my face turns red. They just throw their trash anywhere! With unlimited resources, I could put an end to this problem. Last year, there was a science fair in my school. My friend and I chose to research information about water pollution and make a website on it. We found a lot of surprising pictures. One of them was of the Ganga River in India after a festival.

    The Ganga River is known to be the purest river in India, yet it is filled with trash! There were coconuts, garlands, plastic bags, and so much more covering the river. Not even a glimpse of water was showing. I was furious. How could a river be pure when it is filled with trash? The judges loved that we chose such an important problem so much, that we beat the team that made a standstill hover board.

    Since then I was fascinated by water pollution. I have helped clean up parks and neighborhoods, but there is too much trash. I love watching the science channel whenever I have time.

    The Scientific Method | Boundless Psychology

    One time, what I saw was so sad, I cried. On the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, which were blocked off to the public, there were piles of trash and plastic. Imagine that, a breathtaking beach filled with trash. Now think about the animals that live on the beach. The little crab families were living with trash. The trash in the water was coming up onto shore and contaminating the land. Now think about the animals in the water. The area in which there was trash was bigger than 5 times the area of Texas!

    Five times! Then I saw devastating images of animals that were dead, lying on trash. I lost it. There were crews of volunteers nice enough to clean up the trash. They came everyday, with new, fresh mounds to clean. Finally, someone had a solution.

    How to write a scientific paper

    A man had a solution. He fashioned a net bag that you put on the back of a boat and it picks up trash before it gets to shore. I would help him make a better and more efficient way of cleaning. Since I have unlimited resources, I could get volunteers and clean up all around the world.

    What does this mean for my paper?

    I would also make a machine that could help clean up on land. Then, all of the trash would be gone and we could have a beautiful environment again. I have seen to many tragic pictures of water pollution. I am tired of it and it needs to stop. I would use my unlimited resources to make things that will aid in cleaning up the environment.

    History Of The Scientific Method

    Our environment used to be so breath taking. My neighbor goes to the same school as me. Cancer is an illness in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. Ever since I was little, I used to always read books on cancer because I found it an interesting subject. If I was given unlimited resources, what problem would I investigate? I would obviously investigate cures for cancer. Over 7. Cancer can be cured—through surgery, but then it can come back again.

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    Sure you can cure cancer if you catch it early, but not everyone does. Every 4 out of 10 people are diagnosed with cancer, but only 4 out of 10 patients diagnosed with this deadly disease catch it early. Cancer is a disease in any area of the body, hence the many different kinds of it. It starts out as a single virus, taking the regular route throughout the body. It attacks cells, and then those cells divide into two, so now there are two infected cells. Then those cells divide into four, then eight, and so on.

    However what makes cancer so unique is that after it begins multiplying the blood cells, it starts to attack the incoming white blood cells. White blood cells are the cells sent by the immune system, to catch the disease and prevent the cell from multiplying. If the white blood cells are being taken down along with the blood cells by cancer, then no part of the body is safe.

    Finding a cure for cancer would save possibly millions of lives. I like the build up of the problem itself and what the consequences are.

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