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Edward Kennedy. This massive project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison traces the process of the ratification of the Constitution by the states. This expansive set of collections includes the Early American Manuscripts project with facsimiles of correspondence by key figures from the era of the American Revolution like Jefferson and Hamilton , as well as collections of papers by other important historical figures and more obscure items e.

This database put together by Western Michigan University includes a diverse selection of Civil War era diaries. This collection has a great deal of material from the Civil War era, including memoirs of soldiers, nurses, etc. This collection at the University of Chicago contains the business records, legal documents and tax receipts and other records of slaveowner Fielding Lewis that document the management of an antebellum plantation on the James River.

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Also at the University of Chicago, this is a digitized collection of papers largely letters between Fanny Murdock and her mother Sarah Bristol from a Mississippi family in the period between and Another University of Chicago collection, this includes the papers of a physician who worked with a regiment of Illinois troops during the Civil War. Also at the University of Chicago, this archive contains original correspondence, newspaper and journal articles written by the pioneering African-American journalist Ida B.

This is a digital publishing initiative at the University of North Carolina designed to provide access to texts, images and audio files related to southern culture. It contains more than 2, books, pamphlets and serials. It is an essential collection for anyone interested in environmental history in the United States.


This is a massive collection at Yale University of New England Native American primary source materials in one virtual collection. This collection hosted by CSU-San Marcos contains the narrative reports of the commissioner for Indian affairs from the s, along with maps and allotment information.

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  5. This collection at UW-Madison contains a huge range of treaties and other documented interactions between European-Americans and native peoples, from the early 19 th century through the early 20 th century. This collection at the University of Georgia is particularly useful for the historic television clips including interviews relating to the history of the Civil Rights movement. This website offers a few online transcripts from a much broader set of oral interviews with notable women in journalism. This is a marvelous collection of oral interviews with a huge range of subjects, of particular relevance to topics about California history.

    The highlights from this oral history archive at Rutgers University include the materials on women in the Second World War and the war itself more generally. This digital archive contains oral histories, newspaper clippings and other materials that document the experience of South Asian Americans. This collection includes oral histories, images and other documents of the Japanese American incarceration experience during the Second World War.

    This digital collection at the University of Michigan chronicles the experience of American soldiers who found themselves in Russia in , fighting Bolshevik revolutionaries for months after the Armistice ended hostilities in France. This collection, housed by the University of North Texas, contains all sorts of dramatic posters from the world wars, most but not all American in provenance.

    Originally in the collection at Columbia University, now hosted by the Internet Archive, this contains fantastic pamphlets and tracts from the First World War. Most of the material here is from the United States. The OAC brings together historical materials from a variety of California institutions, including museums, historical societies, and archives. Over , images; 50, pages of documents, letters, and oral histories; and 8, guides to collections are available. Most of the repositories about California history listed below can be searched using the OAC.

    The Library holds collections that span the breadth of social and political movements--from labor, civil rights, education, and housing, to immigration, war and peace, and civil liberties. These collections include over manuscript collections, as well as books, periodicals, subject files, pamphlets, posters, photographs, films, audiotapes, and more.

    Digital Collections - Princeton Theological Seminary Library

    This is a terrific resource for the history of the modern Olympic movement and sport in the United States. Free public gateway to over , digitized primary source materials held by the University of California campuses. Especially organized for use by K classrooms. Includes information and lesson plans for teachers. Smaller archives and repositories, many of them topic or community specific, can be found here. This collection, although cumbersome to navigate, has many core texts in translation and other materials from the Ancient Near East.

    This collection at the University of Chicago focuses on materials published between and including translations of primary sources. This massive project is an effort to create a digital space for images of thousands of cuneiform tablets, physically held in museums around the world. It is cumbersome to navigate, but do note the CDLI Wiki which explains what you might look for and the other related links.

    While a bit tricky to use, this list of digital projects includes cuneiform texts from many eras available in translation.

    Senior Thesis Option

    This collection has over a million images particularly good for artifacts, sculptures, coins, etc. This is another digital portal into the collections of the MMA, where you can access images of public-domain works from the collection.

    This list produced by New York University notes the various national libraries in Europe and their online presence. Mostly useful as a compendium of visual materials, this is a collection of art, artifacts, books, films and music from European museums, libraries and archives. This database at the University of Michigan explores the lives of ordinary people and the institutions of a rural community in the East Midlands of medieval England from the end of the 13 th century until the beginning of the 17 th century.

    This database at the University of Michigan contains a huge range of texts written between and This collection focuses on early 16h and 17 th century works by a variety of authors including several commentaries on Ireland. This digitized manuscript collection at the University of Southampton contains the semi-official correspondence of the third Viscount Palmerston prime minister of Great Britain in the mid th century and the records of the Anglo-Jewish Association, a group that supported Jewish philanthropic interests from the late 19 th century onward around the world.

    These digital images drawn from the collections of Yale University mostly concern 18 th -century British prints, drawings, ephemera and other materials related to the world of the Whig politician and writer Horace Walpole.

    2. Searching for Primary Sources at CPP

    Collected by the Harvard University Law School Library, this is a fantastic digital compendium of broadsides sold to audiences at public executions in 18 th and 19 th century Britain. This searchable database at University College London documents the identity of all slave-owners in the British colonies and all the estates in the British Caribbean colonies at the time slavery ended. These sources at the University of Wisconsin focus mostly on 19 th century accounts of Ireland, with a few random other exceptions. This database includes the digitized papers and letters of Thomas Carlyle, W.

    Gladstone, John Ruskin and Michael Field. This is a searchable archive about British soldiers in World War I; you can search for places, units, people, etc. Administered by the National Archives. This collection of British military and civilian records of the First World War requires a paid membership.

    This collection at the University of Wisconsin contains a wide range of materials about the history of the First World War, including American commentary on conditions in Belgium and Serbia, French descriptions of the war, etc. This is a fabulous collection at the University of Wisconsin about the occupation and reconstruction of Germany after World War II; it contains sources in German and English concerning a range of historical actors.

    This collection at the Harvard University Law School Library contains trial transcripts, briefs, documents books, evidence files, and other papers from the trials of military and political leaders of Nazi Germany. This is the digital branch of the French national library. There is a tremendous cache of digitized material here almost all of it in French, obviously , ranging from medieval manuscripts to more contemporary texts. This is an incredible collection of thousands of digitized letters from one family in western France that span the 19th century.

    Many but not all of the letters have been translated into English; they represent a window into provincial 19th-century Europe. This is a digitized collection hosted by Harvard University Law School of official publications often legal in nature from French-speaking colonies in Africa and Southeast Asia, mostly from the early 20 th century.

    This site, produced by the Belgian national library, is a fully searchable database of digitized Belgian newspapers, from to The newspapers are in Dutch, French and German, but the website can be viewed in English. This marvelous database hosted by the University of Michigan provides access to over texts and travel narratives from the 19 th and early 20 th centuries about the Balkans. Another collection at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this focuses on Russia and Central Asia in the 18 th , 19 th and early 20 th centuries.

    While some of the sources are in Russian, there are quite a few travel narratives written in English that date from the late 19 th century. This collection at the University of Chicago contains 19 Soviet political posters produced in the early s. These collections at Yale University include a wide range of digitized materials on the history of Christian missionaries of many denominations , ranging from annual reports and periodicals of mission agencies and church bodies, to selected materials from the archives of the United Board for Christian Higher Education.

    Much of the material here concerns missionaries in Asia. This is another expanding digital compendium of the experiences of Canadian soldiers in the Second World War, also administered by the Library and Archives of Canada. This is a searchable database at Cambridge University of oral histories involving many key figures in 20 th -century Indian history.

    Digital Collections

    This collection includes census reports from the late 19 th century, 19 th -century travel guides for India and other handbooks. The highlights here in a collection hosted by the University of Chicago include an archaeological survey of India, and several different versions of the Imperial Gazetteer of India compiled in the early 20 th century. A production of the National Library of Scotland, this collection consists of official publications varying from short reports to multi-volume histories related to disease, public health and medical research circa to This website, maintained by Cornell University, lists a wide range of free online databases largely in Korean with primary sources from the Chosun Dynastry, digitized old books and documents from the Royal Jangseogak Archives.

    This amazing digitization project includes at least travel accounts and guidebooks written by French and English-speaking travelers to Southeast Asia in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries. Part of a larger digital project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this collection of texts is focused on the American involvement in Laos from the s through s. This collection UW-Madison is mostly useful for the digitized versions of 16 th and 17 th -century Portuguese travelers to Africa.

    This project, developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is devoted to Latin American and Iberian works in the humanities. The series holds over 40 titles in Spanish and Portuguese that span from the medieval to the contemporary period.

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