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Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports The more the author researched for this essay, about drug use in the sports world, the more she felt compelled to change her view of all athletes having equal access to performance-enhancing drugs. The endurance needed for any sport is physically and mentally challenging.

Should we Legalise Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Maybe the athlete thinks he or she needs artificial stimulants to achieve their goals. Whatever the reason, the use of enhancement drugs is worldwide. The intent of this essay is to show that steroids have many negative effects and that steroids, and other natural supplements, should be closely studied by the FDA.

This essay will also support the claim that the professional sports industry needs to eliminate steroid use and set a good example for younger athletes. You could say the birth of performance- enhancing drugs was around the late- nineteenth century. I believe PEDs are merely another chapter in the book of human improvement, and by legalizing them we can help men reach their fullest potential.

Exactly what are performance-enhancing drugs The problems with performance enhancing drugs are that they give the user unfair advantages over other athletes and come with many health risks such as baldness. There are many alternatives to steroids but not all of them are safe. Different organizations have different rules on steroids, but in most cases, the user can get suspended, fined, or even both. Various types of steroids can have various short-term or long-term side effects Powerful Essays words 4.

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Steroids build mass and strength and increase tissue to boost endurance Szumski Some people say that they make the game more exciting and some say that it is cheating. Performance enhancing drugs have always tainted modern sports due to the types of steroids, athletes that use them, and widespread use. Performance enhancing drugs are drugs that do exactly what they sound like. This essay will discuss why the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports should not be legalized, and giving a few reasons as to why it should not be, ranging from the short term effects to the long term effects, how doping can have an effect on the current sporting world and give a few examples of the different types of performance enhancing drugs that some athletes use including caffeine, anabolic androgenic steroids, diuretics and Erythropoietin, and the risks that are involved when an athlete using these performance enhancing drugs It is not fair for students to be taught to be independent and make their own decisions but once the decisions gets tough the adults around have to make it for you.

Performance enhancing drugs should never be aloud no matter what age you are because it gives you and unfair advantage yet a drug like marijuana is not lethal. Term Papers words 6. They will then do whatever they can to be just like that person. Many tri-athletes and cyclists might have looked up to Lance Armstrong as a role model since he was successful and started training at such a young age. Powerful Essays words 8.

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Doping in sports has become a highly controversial topic among professional sporting venues and in the media. Performance enhancing drugs used by athletes today include Human Growth Hormone HGH , anabolic steroids, peptide hormones, amphetamines, insulin and stimulants Athletes takes these drugs because they feel as if it will help them during competition as well as help them after competition when they done with their professional sport. Using performance enhancing drugs in professional sports should be accepted because the drugs they take gives them many advantages.

Using performance enhancing drugs also helps professional athletes recover from injury as well as help the athlete with the longevity of their careers Sterility in both sexes has been documented Kowalski While these negative side effects can be horrid and temporary, the use of performance enhancing drugs can also result in long term harm.

Long-term side effects are very serious in when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. Although the long-term effects of these drugs have not been researched in great lengths, there is some evidence that they can be substantial Reinberg. A condition called steroid rage, while rare, can occur However, you notice something a little different your favorite athlete seems to be more aggressive and his body has changed substantially. That famous athlete that you know and adore was caught for taking performance enhancing drugs that was the reasoning for your unanswered questions about his odd transformations.

Bigger, better, stronger each professional athlete tries to achieve that when they are preparing to compete in their sport, but there are some that get a little help to be better, bigger, and stronger Are performance enhancers as bad as they are made out to be. Melissa Winkller, and author of the Vegetarian Times in New York states, "Sport supplements are at best a waste of time.

Ant decision a person makes that warrants putting a substance into their bodies can destroy not only your reputation, but your life as well Free Essays words 4 pages Preview. I am against the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports because it is a worldwide problem that takes the integrity out of the game. There are so many people involved from trainers, players and coaches. In the past athletes played for love of the game, today however, the players have so much more at stake then just being able to play the game because they love it. Athletes will use any means necessary to get performance enhancing drugs PED Good Essays words 4.

They used various methods of doping to gain the performance edge Bowers People will always use and abuse substances in the pursuit to get the edge as well as personal appearance Fernandez, Hosey. These days with equipment being technologically advanced and available to all professional teams athletes need to find a way to perform at the new levels They will do whatever it takes to be one of the elite and that includes taking performance-enhancing drugs. Athletes competing at all levels pump themselves full of these drugs in order to get faster and stronger.

They disregard the short term side effects and long term health risks that come with steroid use. Performance-enhancing drugs have become a controversial topic in today's sports arena Powerful Essays words 5. It is believed some of the greatest sports achievements were possible due to use of performance-enhancing substances.

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From the past to present use of performance enhancing drugs has become mainstream in the sports. Not only athletics, but non-athletic are also using this drug. While working out on anabolic steroids your body will take on the characteristics of what you are working out for.

A doping manifesto

For instance, if you are looking for speed you will get faster but if you were lifting for size your body will take on larger muscle mass than is allowed by your natural genetics. Some people may consider it cheating, however, some people are born with the gift of genetics for a particular sport such as Michael Phelps in how his body does not have lactic acid buildup Most major athletes all agree on the fact that the competitive determination to win is intense.

Despite all, most athletes have high hopes of either winning a medal, a full ride college scholarship or the once in a lifetime opportunity to play for a professional team You need to win more than anybody else. However, athletes are taking winning to the extreme. As the use of performance enhancing drugs is becoming more popular amongst athletes, many of them do not understand the risks involved in taking these drugs.

Many people are looking for a quick way to build muscles, or to get stronger the fastest way possible. Using these performance aids may very well be a quick fix for many athletes, but taking the drugs is unethical and dangerous One of the easiest ways to enhance natural ability is through performance-enhancing drugs or, PEDs.

PEDs are substances used by athletes to increase their performance. The use of PEDs in athletic competition can date back to ancient Greece. Athletes use PEDs to run faster, jump higher and recover at an increased pace. Many athletes are pressured into using PEDs by coaches or managers and are not thoroughly educated the harmful health issues that can come along with taking performance-enhancing drugs It is in these strenuous, or challenging moments where champions are born. These professional athletes put their blood, sweat, and tears into their sport, and their refusal to waste those years of training is key.

Rather, they use the long practices to drive themselves further. Therefore, when they achieve their goal, or win the game, the struggle is worth it Better Essays words 5 pages Preview. It is important to understand why performance-enhancing drugs are used and what are the consequences of their use to the athlete and society. One of the reason athletes choose to use performance-enhancing drugs is to bulk up Creatine is a chemical produced by the kidney and found in meat product.

It helps muscles recover after a workout, which in turn helps athletes bulk up faster Gregorian 5.

The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs Within Sports

Creatine is used by many of the nations top college sports teams like Nebraska and Northwestern Strong Essays words 5 pages Preview. These drugs used to be hard to access but now all one must do is go on the internet and can have them shipped to them within two days. Some of these drugs are from different countries so the individual cannot read the ingredients or warning labels which are a major risk take. One can be consuming a substance that can potentially kill them and if he or she is an athlete, can get them banned from competition if the drug is found to be illegal This statement is made by a once Olympic hammer-throw champion in It hardly portrays the importance that substance abuse has with regard to athletes and sports.

If you are one of the many athletes in the United States, you have no doubt in your mind that this is an ongoing problem in the wide world of sports Good Essays words 3. We often love to see game-winning homeruns, hail marys, eighty yard runs, and records being broken. We want OUR athletes to be at their best. We do not care at whose expense this entertainment comes, we just want our money's worth. How do these athletes perform at such high levels day in and day out.

Most of them go to the gym and hit the weights or go to the ball field and practice some hitting Strong Essays words 4.

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Baseball is a game of skill. Having natural talent alone will not send players to the big leagues. Better Essays words 4 pages Preview. The majority of serious athletes know the competitive urge to be victorious can be intense and often rely on performance enhancing drugs to succeed. There are many types of performance enhancing drugs out there such as anabolic steroids, androstenedione, gonadotropin, and erythoropoietin. Performance enhancing drugs are tempting to athletes because it give athletes a forceful feelings and it helps athletes recuperate from a difficult workout extra fast by diminishing the muscle loss that happens during the workout Each summer top cycling teams from around the world compete in the three-week event, which sends riders on a grueling, multi-stage course through the mountainous countryside of Ireland, France, and Belgium.

In , the image of Tour de France cyclists as athletes at the peak of their natural abilities was tarnished by allegations of widespread performanceenhancing drug use among competitors Synonymously with the hard work the players do outside of athletic contests comes the world-wide notorious dilemma of whether Performance Enhancing Drugs also known as PED's should or should not be involved in sports.

The sports world classifies a PED as any type of substance that may benefit a person athletically or for any any other uses like endurance. Well, should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in athletic sports all around the world Performance enhancing drugs, the man-made enigma throughout the world of sports, comes in mainly four types: Anabolic Steroids, Masking Agents, Stimulants, and Erythropoietin.

Anabolic Steroids comes from the hormone in males called testosterone Performance Enhancing Drugs Education. The first appearance of anabolic steroids was by the Russian weightlifting team in the Olympics. As soon as Americans caught wind of this, the rivalry began Wikipedia.

Performance-enhancing drugs defeat the purpose of fair and healthy competition. The use of performance-enhancing drugs should not be allowed in high school and college sports because they are dangerous and unfair. PEDs are pharmacologic agents that athletes and non athlete weightlifters use to enhance their performance It is how we deal with it that shows our true character in adverse situations. The ethical dilemma of using performance enhancing drugs will be elaborated on from the core beliefs, resolution, evaluation, and comparison of the Christian worldview to other worldviews Based upon gamesmanship and sportsmanship, virtue ethics, and a combination of permissible logical reason to ban, it is nearly astounding that these drugs are still accepted among many members of society.

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Section I: Gamesmanship vs. Sportsmanship and the Boundaries of Ethics To interact with many arguments for Ethics of Sport, it is first of all very important to have a general view or definition of ethics in itself; I can define ethics as a moral principle or group or principl Big names such as Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez were on this list. Testosterone, an illegal substance, is what is found in the performance enhancing drugs.

Some professional athletes claim to use performance enhancing drugs to recover more quickly from injury; others take them because they have not seen the positive feedback in working out, without the use of the steroids Better Essays words 7.

essay performance enhancing drugs Essay performance enhancing drugs
essay performance enhancing drugs Essay performance enhancing drugs
essay performance enhancing drugs Essay performance enhancing drugs
essay performance enhancing drugs Essay performance enhancing drugs
essay performance enhancing drugs Essay performance enhancing drugs

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