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Comparative Study: Letters to Alice and Pride and Prejudice

Charlotte is the cultural character throughout, exactly as a woman should be. On the other hand marriages from that time could be deceitful for example with Mr. Wickham and Lydia. Being the youngest and most stupid girl of the family she is the most open and willing to be led into any trap. Persistently flirtatious she is noticed by Mr. First of all Wickham and Lizzy produce a slight bond, then Lizzy hears of his dealings with Miss.

Wickham is in pursuit of Miss King but eventually that stems to nothing. The story unfolds and Wickham runs away with young Lydia and as people talk it seems that Mr. Wickham is quite the scoundrel who tried his best with Georgiana Darcy to try and inherit her vast fortune.

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This did not work but he searches on for the next mindless teenage girl. Lydia is obsessed with men. Wickham takes her away she definitely believes they will be married and is nave to the fact that Mr. Wickham has absolutely no intention in the slightest to marry her. If they do not marry, a black cloud could hang over the Bennett household likely to prevent the other young girls from leading happy lives as their family name would have been disgraced, as it was unheard of for a young girl to run away with a man and not get married.

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Therefore, Mr. Gardiner Mrs. Bennetts brother-in-law sets off to help out. Bennett, Jane and Lizzy are none the wiser, and just believe they went away to get married happily. When Lydia returns home. I take your place now, and you must go lower because I am a married woman.

Now we come to the meaning of the whole book, the passion involved, undying love and absolute chemistry between the two lead characters is one of the reasons this book is so utterly adored. Elizabeth Bennett And Fitzwilliam Darcy.

The first time the two met was at a ball in Netherfield just as Mr. Darcys close friend Mr. Bingley had moved in. Elizabeth is known to everyone as a very opinionated, strong-minded, rationable, sensible, intelligent, young woman. Which was in fact very rare for that era. But they are a lot more similar than they seem both of them seem to have a reason to doubt everything unless it is very close to their hearts, disloyalty angers the pair of them.

Darcy, without knowing it he seems to be very viscious towards other people being this way e. There is always a lot of tension between the two when they meet or even speak through letters, whether it is certain shyness of the enemy or of the lover, at the start of the book we do not know. But it is noticeable that there is a lot of tension between either of the two and another person who may be asking after either of the two, disregarding or being rude about the other one in any way results in snapping on Mr.

Darcys part and running away on Lizzys part. Elizabeth believes that if you are going to get married your husband must be perfectly worthy of his wife. She believes you should be in love to get married, she also believes if you are in love then looks, riches, stability come afterwards and if you are lucky enough to get all four bonuses then so be it, but love always comes first.

And if she cant have that no-one can have her.

Pride and prejudice -notes, summary and analysis

Quite the opposite opinion to most in her generation, hence her outspokenness. Darcy tends to think practically the same. And indeed she feels the same way about him in many respects, e. Wickham awfully when his father died and cast him aside due to jealousy and pride. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. He goes on to insult her family name, be very rude about her mother, insist that he will never forgive himself for admitting his feelings and undoubtedly crediting the obvious fact that she is beneath him in every way she possibly could be.

This scene of confession highlights the major and more or less only issue in this relationship. Was not this some excuse for incivility if I was uncivil? After this disastrous first step towards their eventual matrimony Elizabeth finds out that the facts mentioned before regarding Jane and Wickham are both bended truths. As for lady Catherine de Bourgh, oh gracious, owner of Rosings Park, when she hears of a proposal she hops into the carriage and brings her sickly daughter with her to show Miss Eliza Bennet a thing or two about her family, so she thinks.

Eliza and Lady Catherine indulge in a heated debate at Longbourne after Lady Catherine insults Eliza, her family, her house, her social status and situations to the point of insignificance. Eliza stays strong, annoys lady Catherine purposefully and understands that she is jealous because her daughter is supposed to marry Mr. I have never been accustomed to such language at this!

She does at this point in the book have better things to think about. The second proposal is given soon after and Lizzy accepts with open arms. Referring to less important issues in the story, Miss Bingley always very much admired Mr.

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Miss Bingley also contributes towards trying to sabotage Jane and Bingleys relationships, as she believed her brother was destined to marry Miss Georgiana Darcy. Eliza and Georgiana get along amazingly well which contributes to the fairy tale love story. They love each other very much and even agree to take credit for Mr. Darcys dealings with Mr. They play the helping hand role throughout the story conveniently living very close to Mr.

Darcy Elizabeth is Invited there to visit which leads to her bumping miraculously into Mr.

Darcy many times. On the nicest of terms they fit in very nicely with the structure. One of the main reasons so many marriages took place was because of the balls. It is well known balls are the best place to meet young ladies, which is why there is so much dancing. Jane and Mr. Bingley met because of a dance and it is one of the main reasons so many people disliked Mr.

Darcy at the start. He was stood next to two or three girls who were seated and in want of a dance, one of them being Elizabeth, and he ignored all of them. Lydia and Wickhams was quick, arranged and stupid, Collins and Charlottes was quick mismatched and pitiful. It shows that sometimes going against the grain can really help and I think the main point Austen was trying to put across is that the intelligence of girls to see through all the buildings, names and money, contributes to their self-respect and happiness and to be honest is a lot more refreshing, pure and attractive.

I think the bennets were used as the main family because for a start it is a big family therefore more open to plot, disaster, arguments and clashing opinions. They are also bourgeoisie therefore some members of the household member try to stress how much they give to society by being alive and crave other peoples approval e.

Bennet and Lydia. On the other side they blow away new people with their politeness. Show no flaws and have the charms and politeness to make people instantly fall at their feet e.

Themes In The Novel Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

Jane, Lizzy and in some cases Mr. I think the family was also chosen as the lead as they were all girls, creating future problems for the welfare of Mrs. Bennet practically what the character of Mrs. Bennet makes the whole book about and of course added plots can be thrown in fighting over the same man, two men who hate each other marrying a sister each they were the perfect family to use if a little odd. The family relationships also help towards sticking the interior of the story together e. Bennet, Jane and Lizzy, Lizzy and Mr. At that time the issues that were apparent were all about reputation, social status and marriage.

Even thought they struggled, waited and fought for it by the end of the book they achieved or maintained all three gracefully and with dignity to the naked eye. This is one of the best books ever written. The language is elegant and perfect and the structure leads you from one glorious plot to the next. The themes of love and marriage stand out the most and it is probably the biggest topic used throughout.

essay on theme of pride and prejudice Essay on theme of pride and prejudice
essay on theme of pride and prejudice Essay on theme of pride and prejudice
essay on theme of pride and prejudice Essay on theme of pride and prejudice
essay on theme of pride and prejudice Essay on theme of pride and prejudice
essay on theme of pride and prejudice Essay on theme of pride and prejudice

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