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The position you decide to take is less important than how effectively you back it up.

The Origins of Hip Hop | Essay

The rest of your paper should demonstrate to the reader why your thesis is correct. If you think George would agree with the critic, offer examples from the book where George makes a similar argument. Nelson George has written a history of hip hop culture. Then, in the rest of the paper, explain to the reader why you have taken this position. It will be important to draw specific evidence from the book to help support your position. Your task is not simply to tell the reader what you think; rather, you should show the reader why your position is best supported by the evidence in the book.

This viewpoint is your thesis statement and it should appear in the first paragraph of your paper. In the body of your paper, you should draw on what you have read to show the reader how crack affected gangsta rap. You should also show the reader how crack and other drugs have affected hip hop culture more broadly. To do this, you must give specific examples from the book and explain to the reader the relationship between drugs and hip hop. Eventually, hip hop grew to become a multibillion dollar industry that has modeled many individuals into successful media icons.

This has created many manifestations through which hip hop as a culture can be explored. The culture has four fundamental elements which include hip hop dance, art, music and fashion. Hip hop includes urban graffiti while hip hop music is characterized by Deejaying, rapping and hip hop music production. Rapping is mainly urban poetry that is presented in a lyrical rhyme. Hip hop dance on the other hand is characterized by break dance moves and interesting forms of street dance.

This paper aims at discussing hip hop dance ; from history to the present day proliferation of the hip hop culture. Hip hop dance has been very influential especially to the young generation. The bad-boy bad-girl attitude associated with the dance hailed from the same Bronx that gave rise to the hip hop culture. The throbbing street dance was also common in Brooklyn and Los Angeles and would literally shake the urban communities. The legendary dancer Don Campbell and his Lockers had a major impact on street dance Price, He added a new flare to the hip hop dance with his bad-boy expression.

In fact, dancing was the initial essence of early hip hop and the local dancers inspired Djs to embrace music that exemplified hip hop dance. Local dances were performed on outdoor jams where crowds would respond vehemently to the prodding of the Dj to show engagement in the dance style. Kool Herc was a renowned Dj of the time especially for his creative and innovative abilities of bringing forces together to give local youth a chance to entertain and have a good time.

The hip hop dance phenomenon is mainly related to African Americans and Latin Americans but has grown to spread to other parts of the world over time Hess, After the outbreak of hip hop dance, a number of films were released that featured the new form of dancing that combined beats, sounds and street moves.

2. The Origins of Hip Hop

Hip hop dance became the new style of dance that emerged in choreography with styles such as locking, popping and break dancing. Hip hop dance is categorized into old school and new school dance though the two have evolved with time. Currently, hip hop dancers have become independent of the original hip hop culture and young people are inventing new moves to make the dance more enthusiastic. Hip hop dance styles are among the oldest and most established dance styles.

Mainly characterized by violent movement of the body, hip hop dance differs from other styles a great deal. It is a muscle-moving work out that involves rolling of hips, waist and pelvic as well as popping that emphasizes beats and sound produced in the music. The popping movements give an excellent abdominal workout as opposed to other slow dance styles such as jazz or slow dance. Choreographers and dancers use these styles for fitness and as a platform to promote body shape and dance prowess.

For this reason, hip hop dance has gained popularity in television, film as well as in the theatrical setting.

Some dancers have even toured the world showcasing their works in hip hop dance. These include March of the Anthem, P-funk and others. Even today, international competitions are common as will be discussed in this study Scheff et al, As indicated above, hip hop dance has been growing steadily since it started in the s and it has been so since the black community and the Latinos in the United States invented the dance Kelly, In the beginning of Hip Hop DJing, MCing, graffiti writing, and break dancing were used as a way to channel the energy of the youth in a more positive way.

Thirty years later things have changed, the game is more serious.

There is a lot more money involved, there is a lot more at stake, some say it is dead. If so, who killed it? In this essay I will look at the growth of Hip Hop as an art form, from its origins in New York through to its transition into the world wide phenomenon we are familiar with today. In this essay I will be evaluating the health of Hip Hop, not in terms of its popularity or the money it generates but in terms of its health as an art form: is it still a thriving, growing, developing form or has it stagnated under the weight of its own success? I will be looking at the artistic growth of Hip Hop as well as the effect that commercialisation has had.

Droppin science p To master an art in Hip Hop required a creative and expressive skill, whether it be a physical expression, rhythmical lyrics, vocal percussion, playing with the many aspects of music or graffiti art. Hip Hop is also a cultural movement which grew and developed primarily amongst poor black kids in the streets of the South Bronx, New York City, in the mid to late s.

These were young Afro-American kids, descended from slaves bought over from Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries who lived in poor social conditions: broken families, poverty, poor education, lack of any job opportunities and much radical prejudice, and police prejudice. They lived in black ghettos where violence, and death were common. In the same way as their recent ancestors had been enslaved and made to work the plantations of the Southern states in places such as Mississippi and Alabama, they also felt enslaved in a system which seemed to offer them no way out. When slavery was abolished in Bruno, Anthony no date [online] , and the slaves were suddenly freed, the necessity to work and earn money to survive led them to emigrate to the richer Northern states of America, to cities such as Washington, Chicago and New York, where jobs were available, however low paid.

Hip Hop And Rap Hop

As well as a large number of Africans moving to the Northern Cities, so did many Latinos who had originally emigrated from Mexico, and Puerto. The same attraction of a better life and a chance to make money spurred on their movement North. The Afro-Americans and Latino youth that grew up in the streets of these Northern cities, were the originators of Hip Hop.

However, although Latino groups, particularly in New York, made a huge contribution to Hip Hop, there is no doubt that the main influences on Hip Hop came from the African American population. To many there seemed no choice, it was either poverty or crime. It is the frustration and anger created by these conditions, especially the lack of any opportunities to improve their situation, that gave rise to the birth of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop became that way out, and the music and rhythms of their ancestors were reborn within Hip Hop.

Rapping, the rhythmic use of spoken or semi-sung lyrics grew from its roots in the tribal chants and the plantation work songs to become, an integral part of black resistance to an oppressive white society. Hip Hop, like its direct ancestor, the Blues, were both born out of social deprivation and the determination to use the experience in a positive way, and to escape the clutches of poverty. YouTube Video 1 briefly shows an interview with a man on the streets of the Bronx, shot in Hip Hop was a new form invented by the kids who struggled with money, and the place they would learn from was on the streets.

They used the pieces of music from their roots, their blood, music influences such as blues, gospel and jazz to create a new genre. The genres which their ancestors would have known during the slave trade back in the South of America.

Hip Hop Dance - Words | Essay Example

A time of similar misery, and expression of the same pain and sorrow in their souls was being called out. For them there were many similarities with their ancestors. Hip Hop was something the youth could get excited about, and have a passion for. It was something that no amount of money or person could get in their way and stop them. And over the few years, whilst not only was Hip Hop gradually developing as a music, dance and art form, so was their range of listeners.

More and more people outside of New York were becoming familiar with the genre, and soon an identity had been created for these youths. Not only were the youth creating the music, dancing to the music but they were living the Hip Hop genre as a way of life. But not at the time were they aware of the size of impact they were going to have on the rest of the world. YouTube 1, Dropping science It was the disco DJs in the clubs where the roots of the Hip Hop music style began.

The reaction from the crowds was nothing but excitement as they became witness to gradual build up beats and phases would suddenly put you into a whole new track. P 12 The rap attack. At a similar time as DJs finding a new and exciting craze in paying attention with and playing around with the beats and tempos of tracks, originally MCing referred to today as rapping was being developed in the streets of the Bronx.

Rapping is one of the main elements which had always been at the heart of the Hip Hop genre.

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It was not long until these new styled DJs and Rap artists would come together and put the two talents together for everyone around to hear. With the fast development of rap in the early 80s, rap music records where being played everywhere around America. From just playing records from start to finish, they would use the breaks as their bass and play around with cutting, repeating, layering, using turntables, extending parts of the records however they wished and felt at the time.

Their time of developing a creative identity came. Suddenly the chances of hearing one copy of a James Brown record did not exist. P14 The rap attack. Around , the new craze of longer lengths of the breaks was reflected in the longer length of improvised moves of the dancers. Therefore if the breaks could not be made for them, then they would make the breaks themselves through the skill of beatboxing. The gangs of the Bronx strongly influenced the development of the Hip Hop dance style. Before gangs were going into battle, it was known that they would perform a particular dance in order to get the adrenaline running and bring an aggressive nature to the surface.

essay on the history of hip hop Essay on the history of hip hop
essay on the history of hip hop Essay on the history of hip hop
essay on the history of hip hop Essay on the history of hip hop
essay on the history of hip hop Essay on the history of hip hop
essay on the history of hip hop Essay on the history of hip hop
essay on the history of hip hop Essay on the history of hip hop
essay on the history of hip hop Essay on the history of hip hop

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