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Dealing With Homesickness

Yet, uncontrolled stress can lead to exhaustion, depression and several other illnesses. In fact, college students are prone to episodic stress. This happens when exams are around the corner. Stress and depression also occur when getting ready for a presentation or an interview.

Several students contemplate or commit suicide. Student life is a changeover period. They do a course thinking it will enable them to do or have something that they want, such as increased job opportunities or enhanced enjoyment of life. Studying is part of a process of change and, sometimes, change can cause a lot of anxiety.

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College students experience many effects of stress and depression including the symptoms listed below:. Students in college undergo a tough phase handling stress and depression. Firstly, their hormones are in overdrive, which causes stress. In addition, the pressure to do well adds to their stress levels.

Homework, problems at home, relationships at college and peer pressure all add to stress and depression. A study was conducted by National College Health Assessment to find out the levels of stress among college students.

Stress and Student Success

Most students do not have a smooth sailing during their college years. Stress and depression are as common as homework and assignments.

Students need to remember that they are not alone. For example, instead of feeling upset over a bad grade, try to maintain a positive attitude and look at ways to improve the next time.

Student Stress & Anxiety Guide |

Organize your academic life. Organization is very important in academic life for dealing with stress Sinha, By keeping academic notes organized, turning in assignments on time, and keeping track of all deadlines, stress can be reduced to a great extent. Stop procrastinating. The best way to stop procrastinating is to get the most difficult tasks out of the way first. Take one step at a time.

This helps you to be more efficient and productive with your time. Spend time with friends. A cup of coffee with family or friends is all you need to bring your stress levels back to normal. Stress can also get worse if a person feels lonely. By letting out all your thoughts to someone you trust, you immediately feel a lot better.

College Student Opens Up About Depression And Anxiety

Water therapy. By drinking lots of water and treating yourself to hot baths, you can help your body relax. By adding aromatic oils in your bath, you can double your relaxation effect and improve your academic performance. Do something you love. If you feel extremely stressed out, take a break and do something you love. Whether it is painting or listening to music, doing something you enjoy can cheer up your mood and distract you from a stressor.

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References Lewis, J. Herein lays the stress. And most students in community colleges tend to Joggle one or more duties in their life with school, most of who might be working to either pay for tuition or take care of self. As a result, creating little or no time for study or abundant understanding of a given subject, and this can cause a lot of stress for the student, who in turn would have to worry about passing the class and having to pay the tuition whichever way the class ends. Secondly, another factor that can be responsible for stress is relationship and peer pressure which are rarely talked about.

Life Is Stressful To Begin With For College Age Students

Since most students are responsible for themselves, some tend to drift away or mix with the wrong crowd which later becomes a source of problem along the line as most face the pressure of having to experiment with things such as drugs, sexual activities and the likes which might not have originally been a pattern of life for such Individuals, therefore, having to contend with this pressure can be very stressful and painstaking. The same cannot be said of community colleges as students are given a list of classes and are expected to select at various times classes they desire to take, which can be stressful for some who are undecided or those that do not know the sequence In which there classes should follow.

And this can cause a lot of student to select Irrelevant classes which might not be needed for their desired course of study. However, the knowledge of such error or misunderstanding can cause emotional stress for students who would have had a set time for graduation to now realize they still need some more classes or that the classes they took were Irrelevant. In conclusion, financial problems, peer pressure, relationships, and Increased responsibility can be said to contribute to the causes of stress for community college students.

And this can cause a lot of student to select irrelevant classes which r that the classes they took were irrelevant.

essay on stress on college students Essay on stress on college students
essay on stress on college students Essay on stress on college students
essay on stress on college students Essay on stress on college students
essay on stress on college students Essay on stress on college students
essay on stress on college students Essay on stress on college students

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