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How Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to White Collar and Corporate Crime?

White collar and corporate crimes refer to crimes that take place within a business or institution and include everything from Tax fraud to health and safety breaches. Corporate crime is extremely difficult to detect for many reasons Better Essays words 1. Crime is a legal concept that is applicable to a widely defined category of devious behaviour and is largely associated with socio-economic class.

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Conspicuously, a shift from crimes to socially harmful acts has developed, incorporating a moral risk through which it fosters a deviant behaviour, of which white collar crime is exemplified Better Essays words 4. This person with education who commits this crime tends to convince staff that has less education into this type the activity.

One of the white-collar crimes is the most common is fraud.

White Collar Crime Essay

White collar crimes are durable because the personals who commit them know how the system works in the business market. It is for this reason that in the case of fraud. Victims often fail to recover what has been stolen by deception When people hear about white collar crimes they think of people like Bernie Madoff but white collar crimes happens every day in some form or another Additionally, those who are capable of working blue-collar jobs may have an easy time finding other careers compared to those educated because their skills are already developed whereas educated people may not have any viable work skills already developed and only retain their academi Essay Preview.

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Even though corporate crime is much more costly and damaging than street crime, it has managed to stay out of the public eye. While one is quite used to seeing a politiican Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays.

White Collar Crime And Corporate Crime

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Many newspaper editors would chose to run a story about a violent assault or brutal murder over a story involving a corporate crime. This is a major factor contributing to the publics ignorance or corporate crime. Even if corporate crime is detected it can be very difficult to prosecute and when prosecuted is often only very lightly punished. Many cases of corporate crime are punished with fines of only a few million pounds which is often far less than the cost of recalling a certain product or abiding by the correct health and safety or environmental regulations.

Many large businesses can afford the very best legal aid available and it can be very difficult for an individual to take on a large corporation. Not only can a corporation afford the best legal aid they can also afford to carry out their own research in an attempt to prove their case.

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A good example of this was when Ford submitted false evidence in court about the amount of pressure needed to activate the hand break on their cars when it was found that the Ford cruise control system was faulty. This led to Ford winning their case. The general public is not aware of the cost of corporate crime, and there are thousands of cases that go undetected.


Of the crimes that do go detected only a few are prosecuted and an extremely high percentage of those cases are punished very leniently. The vast majority of prosecutors do not have the. Essay Corporate Fraud And The White Collar Crimes thousands of white collar crimes are being committed, each different from the next in their operation of target audience, but there is one specific crime that takes more planning and much more intelligence to commit.

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