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Signals were then sent to the speaker and the reverberation generated in the room was picked up by the two microphones, constituting a "stereo return". The mixdown process converts a program with a multiple-channel configuration into a program with fewer channels. Common examples include downmixing from 5. In the former case, the left and right surround channels are blended with the left and right front channels. The centre channel is blended equally with the left and right channels. The LFE channel is either mixed with the front signals or not used.

Because these are common scenarios, it is common practice to verify the sound of such downmixes during the production process to ensure stereo and mono compatibility.

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The alternative channel configuration can be explicitly authored during the production process with multiple channel configurations provided for distribution. For example, a DVD player or sound card may downmix a surround sound program to stereophonic sound two channels for playback through two speakers. Any device having a number of multiple bus consoles typically having eight or more buses can be used to create a 5.

Whether working in an analog hardware, digital hardware, or DAW "in-the-box" mixing environment, the ability to pan mono or stereo sources and place effects in the 5. In addition to the horizontal panoramic options available in stereo, mixing in surround lets the mix engineer pan sources within a much wider and more enveloping environment.

In a surround mix, sounds can appear to originate from many more or almost any direction depending on the number of speakers used, their placement and how audio is processed. Naturally, these two approaches can be combined any way the mix engineer sees fit. Recently, a third approach to mixing in surround was developed by surround mix engineer Unne Liljeblad.

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Archived from the original on The book is a blueprint for mass deception, one that is still used by the social engineers today. Below the video, is a detailed analysis of each step of the consent engineering process. If you like this video, subscribe to my youtube channel, subscribe to the Propaganda Report Podcast, and click the little blue follow button in the top right-hand corner of this page. They are planned deliberately to accomplish a purpose, to influence our ideas and actions.

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One must try to find out what they are in any situation in which one is working. News is not an inanimate thing. It is an overt act that makes news, and news in turn shapes the attitudes and actions of people. Understanding Bernays Edward Bernays was often referred to by his peers as a young Machiavelli.


Goebbels had shown Wiegand his propaganda library, the best Wiegand had ever seen. This shocked me. Naturally, the transmission of ideas is important to a propagandist. The more people that can be reached the better.

And the system of mass communication in the United States enables the social engineer to rapidly transmit ideas to nearly everyone from a centralized location. Bernays says the communication system can reach anyone in the country no matter how isolated they are. Two quotes capture his enthusiasm for how easily he can transmit his ideas to the public.

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Bernays believed consent engineering was a great thing. If everyone could be reached from a centralized location, through the various forms of media, then society could be completely controlled from behind the scenes.

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  7. If you can control the information that people receive you can shape their thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes at will. You and I see a television, he sees a mechanism for mass control of society. The same is true for the cinema, the newspaper, the public speaker, the billboard, the teacher, and any other vehicle that information passes through. This is where the engineering of consent starts, with control over the communication system.

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    Control is gained either overtly with pressure and threats, or through subtle manipulation. It looks like a masters course you might take at a business school. What Bernays is referring to in this section is manipulating the masses through group leaders. There are many groups and sub-groups in society. For example, someone might be a Braves fan, an animal advocate, a republican, a catholic, a book lover, a family man, and a million other things. Those are all separate, overlapping, groups that Bernays and other propagandists target with their messaging. If they can influence the leaders, the influencers, of those individual groups, they can influence the entire group.

    Each group has as different set of appeals and interest in common. Some crossover and some conflict. Bernays often used shady, manipulative tactics to influence leaders. For example, he mastered the use of the front organization. On the surface, these organizations claim to exist for the purpose of a general social good. The Engineering Approach After laying the preliminary ground work, Bernays goes on to discuss his engineering approach. Governments and elites rule either with force, or manipulation.

    Bernays engineering approach is his way of ruling through manipulation. Bernays arrogantly refers to this process as:. While his words at times sound democratic, his actions all too often appear despotic.

    essay audio engineering Essay audio engineering
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