Desalination plant essay

Because energy is such a large portion of the total cost, the cost is also greatly affected by changes in the price of energy. Desalinized water generally meets or exceeds standards for water quality. Water desalination plants can also reduce pressure on freshwater supplies that come from areas that need protecting.

360 View of the Sorek Desalination Plant

By treating ocean water rather than removing it from sources that may also be habitats for endangered species, these important freshwater bodies can be preserved. In addition, removing salt water from the oceans can raise people's awareness about protecting these bodies of water. The environmental impact is another disadvantage to water desalination plants.

Disposal of the salt removed from the water is a major issue. This discharge, known as brine, can change the salinity and lower the amount of oxygen in the water at the disposal site, stressing or killing animals not used to the higher levels of salt. In addition, the desalination process uses or produces numerous chemicals including chlorine, carbon dioxide, hydrochloric acid and anti-scalents that can be harmful in high concentrations.

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What are the advantages of desalination?

In addition to her law degree, she has a B. However, the desalination technology has advanced a lot in the last 30 years, especially, the invention of multi-stage flash process and reverse osmosis. In addition, these two methods are the most commercially important desalination technologies.

Tsiourtis, So these technological advances in the last 30 years have driven down the cost of desalinated water very much. The figure 1 illustrats that the price of desalination shows a decreasing trend from to The total cost of desalination decreased from1. It is an acceptable price for many countries now and due to the decreasing trend, it can be predicted that the desalination will more cheaper in the future.

The decreasing cost trend is just one economic benefit of desalination. Another reason is in some situations, desalination is a cheaper water supply option. So, the government decides to build a long pipeline to transfer water from the Yangtze River to area in northern China. Research by Liu and Zheng shows the main canal would be km long.


From the research by Kally we already find that the cost of transport is around 0. Therefore, it means that the cost of transferring water will more than 0. It is higher than using desalination, additionally, because of the desalination cost has fallen from 1. There is no reason to believe that the trend will not continue in the future.

So desalination also has its economic benefits in some situations. Desalination not only has economic benefits, but also has many environmental advantages. Firstly, compares with the water transport, desalination does not need so much pipeline and pumping stations. It means that less land will be occupied and less energy will be wasted in the transferring process. After that, because these traditional water supply options need fresh water supply, the overuse of surface water and groundwater has caused many serious consequences.

For instance, the ground surface settlement happened in many places in China just because of the abuse of groundwater. Research by Chai et al.

Why Is Desalination Becoming So Important?

But it is undeniable that this technology still has some drawbacks in both aspects. Tsiourtis, If we can not treat the brine well, it will cause serious pollution. Then there are some chemicals will be used in the desalination process. It also will cause some pollution. After that, noise pollution is another problem, the noise produced by these machines will trouble people. Furthermore, comparing with other water supply options, desalination still a little expensive than these traditional ones in normal situations, many countries can afford this technology as the option to solve their water shortage problems.

Overall, desalination is already becoming a very important water supply option, especially in these energy-rich, dry and lack of freshwater resource areas, such as these Middle East countries. This technology give human beings an new option to solve water shortage problem.

Although, this technology still have some problems but because of its own advantages and the trend of desalination technology development, we can believe that desalination will have a bright future.

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Desalination plant essay
Desalination plant essay
Desalination plant essay
Desalination plant essay
Desalination plant essay
Desalination plant essay

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