Cancon essay regulation

Commercial radio stations tend not play less known, independent bands because Canadian audiences like pop music.

Cancon television regulations need updating in the age of streaming - The Globe and Mail

Currently Station are playing more than double the percent of Canadina music being sold at music stores. They suggest reducing cancon percentage, and using other methods to promote Canadian artists such as Canadian music radio awards and Canadian music month. Only FM stations are regulated in that one third of their programming must be local in order to receive local advertising. My question is how are they offering a Canadian perspective on international issues that affect Canadian society if they are regurgitating what the US networks say.

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As always Cancon is an issue of discontent among English broadcasters and audiences, but seems to be a non-issue in culturally distinct Quebec. Due to their linguistic isolation and strong government support of cultural industries, Quebec has developed a strong indigenous music industry with Quebec pop music star system that is not recognized in English Canada. As I finish and pass on the floor to Ian to discuss Cancon in television, one thing to think about.

How are Canadian content regulations going to affect us and be regulated with the advent of Internet broadcasting. Already issues have been raised about royalty and copyright issues of music and content broadcast on the Internet where Canadian content can be enjoyed by audiences around the world.

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Critical analysis of the elements present within the chosen hoursGeneral:It is worth noting that this radio station generally offers many special request shows. The station is financed by relatively little advertising and relies heavily on the support of individual financial contributions, such as donations. News and weather:News occurred once in the two hours at during this monitor, including a weather forecast running 8 seconds in total.

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The forecast was announced at and is placed in between 2 commercial blocks also spoken by the announcer. There were 2 instances of business news.

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The first one occurred at , lasting 2 minutes 34 seconds. The second business news segment occurred at , and lasted 4 minutes 56 seconds. The business news is geared especially at the major target group of the listeners. TrafficTwo traffic reports were dropped in the first hour at and at The first report lasted 15 seconds and the second one lasted 10 seconds.

In the second hour two traffic reports were given at and at The first report lasted 12 seconds and the second one lasted 9 seconds.

cancon essay regulation

Commercials:In the first hour there were 5 instances of professional commercials. Read Now. What Our Community Is Saying!

How the music industry has changed: the latest from the experts

Prijatelj, Ed. Pacifico Mayor City Of Altoona. October 11, For example, discover how market shifts could impact Canadian TV and film production.

Or, check out at how changes in radio broadcasting revenues could affect financial contributions used to develop Canadian music and spoken word content. Our interactive scenarios take an in-depth look at the impacts these changes could have. Finally, review the conclusions and options we are laying out to help ensure our creators can thrive in the digital era!

Cancon essay regulation
Cancon essay regulation
Cancon essay regulation
Cancon essay regulation
Cancon essay regulation
Cancon essay regulation
Cancon essay regulation
Cancon essay regulation

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