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Research Proposal: Customer Relationship Management

The aim of this paper is to create a system for successful application of social CRM in the company based on detailed analysis of sources and conducted research. In addressing were identified innovative approaches to relationship marketing e-CRM, social CRM… and their use in conditions of Slovak companies conducted own empirical research. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Download full text in PDF Download.

This section provides project reports on the topic of Customer Relationship Management. While operational, collaborative, and e-CRM has received a significant interest among practitioners and scholars, but analytical CRM has been mostly neglected by them.

The major function.

The purpose of this thesis is feasibility study of Customer Relationship Management CRM application in hotel industry. With increased globalization, competition, higher customer turnover, growing customer acquisition costs and rising customer expectations in today competitive word CRM is very important for several. The consumer market is getting more competitive, and the fundamental question is; what should the companies do in order to gain new customers and sustain the existing ones? Primary attempt has been to offer price discounts and special deals to the customers. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

Executive Summary

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Do you use a social CRM?

Show More. Mohd Arif , Sachin Patil. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. A dissertation on customer relationship management and importance of relationship marketing in the banking sector 1. The study has been done under the support and guidance of …………… I further declare that this project report has not been submitted earlier to any other Universityor Institute for the award of any Degree or Diploma. After all, thesuccess is the epitome of hard work, severance, undeterred, zeal, stead fastdetermination and most of all encouraging guidance.

I sincerely thank ……………………. Honorable president- Alliance BusinessAcademy, for giving us an opportunity to take up this research. I thank him for beinga constant source of inspiration and encouragement. I would like to express myprofound sense of gratitude to ………………………. Last but not the least, I would like to thank almighty God, my parents, and my friendswho helped me gather these data and have sat with me for hours discussing aboutthe project. To retain High Net Worth individuals, banks should focus strongly on relationshipmanagement with customers. Innovative Customer Relationship Management CRM strategies and cutting edge software can help, to a great extent, in achieving the desiredresults.

The entire service industry is now metamorphosed to become customer- specific. In thiscontext, the management of customer relationship in financial services industry demandsspecial focus. Gone are the days when customers at a bank did not mind the long serpentinequeues and waited patiently for their turn with a token in their hand. In this context, online banking is assuming a great significance. Today, banking is more customer-centric, unlike the yester when it was transaction-centric.

Banks are increasingly focusing on the premise that customers choose on the service providerwho differentiates through quick and efficient service. However, there is more to Customer Relationship Management CRM than just managingcustomers and analysing their behaviours. Banks are well aware that their success ispredominantly dependent on the CRM strategies adopted by them. Service providers haverecognised that good CRM bonds customers with the organisation for a longer term, resultingin increased revenues.

The challenge is for the banks to worktowards ensuring that customers prefer their products and services over that of competingbrands. The key to develop and nurture a close relationship with customers is by appreciatingtheir needs and preferences and catering to their requirements. Leveraging on IT, toappropriately analyse and understand the needs of existing customers better, to ensurecustomer satisfaction, and exploring the possibility of cross-selling products to gain acompetitive advantage are the other issues drawing attention and interest.

Knowledge dissemination has been propelled by electronic and mass mediacampaigns.

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Banks offering retail products need to reorient theirProjectsformba. The battle of the banks, for gaining a greater slice of the market share, is taking on a newdimension. In the current falling interest rate scenario, banks are finding it increasinglydifficult to meet the high growth expectations. In order to bolster their top lines, banks are inpursuit of newer ways and means of achieving organic growth through strategies that enableacquisition of new customers and retaining the loyalty of the existing customers.

Ensuring a good customerexperience at every customer touch point is the cornerstone of a successful growth strategy. Agood customer experience will drive customer acquisition and promote customer retention,which translates into increased profits. This, in other words, is the hallmark of a successfulCRM strategy. Emphasis on CRM arises on account of the challenges confronting retailmanagers managing to sustain and achieve growth and profits. Bankers are conscious of the relative costs of acquiring new customers. Incidentally, bankers are fully aware that losing the existing customer and acquiring newcustomers is an expensive affair.

Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Moreover, it acts as a drain on the existing resources of thebank, which can be better employed for growth initiatives. With the shift from a transaction-centric to a relationship-centric business approach,leveraging CRM has become sine qua non. Banks are adopting CRM to converge people,process and products more effectively to embark on the true relationship banking with theend result of accelerating the business momentum. Towards this end, experts propose variousideas and approaches to understand the fundamental marketing motivations driving the CRMtrend in banks.

To meet the challenging preferences of the customers and to stay ahead of competitors,bankers are bound to attract customers by providing a spectrum of services.

Online banking,ATM banking and telebanking are just a few of them. Banks can enhance customer service byleveraging on technology, maintenance of efficient service delivery standards and businessprocess reengineering.

IWI-HSG: Chair of Prof. Dr. Jung

On their part, employees need to demonstrate certain service traitssuch as, putting on pleasing attire. At the end of the day, bankers should display a flair forcultivating a good relationship with customers through the mechanism of better customerservice. Having understood the significance, it is prudent to plan for CRM in retail banks.

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