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Architecture, Pillai, Harimohan, I. Prescher, Amy M. Rein, Michelle A. Rinehart, Michelle A. Cities, Sawyer, Sean E. Schluntz, Erika L. Smith, J. Smith, Sharon C. Stewart, Charles A. Surdu, Robert C. Tang, Jessica S. Historical Evocation in American Art Museums, - Veronesi, Gene P. Dissertations Recently Completed since Ahlfeldt, Jennifer F.

Amundson, Jhennifer A. Andres, Christopher R. Andueza Unanua, Pilar, Universidad de Navarra, "Urban and monumental renewal of Pamplona along the first half of the 18th century: Primogeniture main houses, families and mentalities. Aplenc, Veronica Evelyn, University of Pennsylvan ia , " Locating the Slovenian nation: Competing folkloristic, state planning, and local constructions of the Trnovo neighborhood, Armbruster, Elif S.

Balasinski, Macie j , Politechnika Wroclawska , "The architecture of small railway stations in the Sudetes and in the foothills of the Sudetes. Batie, David L. Bavuso, Francesca M.

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Becker, Stephen W. Bilsel, S. Can, Princeton University, "Architecture in the museum: Displacement, reconstruction and reproduction of the monuments of antiquity in Berlin's Pergamon Museum. Breiner, David M.

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Brown, Amy S. Brown, Mark M. Buck, Eric M. Butler, Sara A. Callahan, Meghan A. Chanchani, Samiran, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Architecture and central public libraries in America, A study of conflicting institutions and mediated designs. Christensen, Ellen A. Clancy, Brian C. Cogdell, Christina Grace, University of Texas at Austin, "Reconsidering the streamline style: Evolutionary thought, eugenics, and United States industrial design, Conroy, Thomas E.

Crout, Roy Durham, Jr. Culver, Milton Lawrence, Jr. Cummins, Joan M.

Decker, Kevin F. DeLancey, Mark Dike, Harvard University, "Representing rulership: Palace architecture, spatial orientation, ritual movement, and secrecy in northern Cameroon. Desiderio, Francis A. Dewsnap, Terence Francis, Jr. Duhamel, Pascale, Universite de Montreal, "Musique et architecture au temps de l'art gothique Earenfight, Phillip J. Edelstein, Bruce L. Eggener, Keith L.

Evans, R.

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Fatsea, Irene D. Faherty, Duncan F. Fee, Nancy H. Feferman, Milton Vitis, University of Pennsylvania , " Imaginary figures of death and life in the architecture of Grandjean de Montigny. Ferguson, John C.

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Flinn, Margaret C. Flusche, Laura A. Frakes, James F. Wiley Anderson, Virginia Architect Ganz, Cheryl R.

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Goode, James M. Grossman, Heather E. Gruskin, Nancy B. Guile, Carolyn C. Gutfreund, Owen D. Hardwick, Jeffrey A. Hartfield, Anne E. Louis, Helfrich, Kurt G. Henderson, Virginia K. Henige, Christopher C. Hendrix, John S. Huppert, Ann C. Iannacone, Rachel E.

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Jenkens, Alton Lawrence, Jr. Jones, Lynn F. Joselow, Evie T. Schindler and his photography.

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Kalas, Gregor A. Kamehiro, Stacy L.

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Kerr, J. Keshani, Hussein, University of Victoria, "The architecture of ritual: Eighteenth-century Lucknow and the making of the Great Imambarah Complex, a forgotten world monument. Lange, Alexandra, New York University, " Tower typewriter and trademark: Architects, designers and the corporate utopia, Langmead, Alison Diane, Columbia University, " The architectural landscape of eleventh- and twelfth-century south-central France. Lesk, Alexandra L. Littmann, Bruce William, University of California at Berkeley, "Manufacturing obedience: Labor relations and the making of the American industrial landscape, There are various approaches documented and researched to calculate life cycle cost, yet many researchers and applications fail to incorporate user costs to optimize total life cycle costs.

To perform a holistic bridge Project complexity generated tradeoffs in construction, which evolved over decades. This research focuses on the tradeoff between time-cost and sustainability represented in the LEED credits Materials and Resources in As the years progressed, the discipline of architecture, engineering, and construction AEC continues to evolve in education and the practice due to advances in digital visualization technology—specifically in the virtual While previous studies have indicated that project delivery The purpose of this research is to study barriers that inhibit the growth of ICT in a construction firm operating in the state of Nevada.

This paper focusses on three research objectives. The first research objective is Comparing construction costs between public and private sector projects has been a topic of interest, specifically, which one is more cost efficient. Many researches have compared the two sectors, however, there is limited The impact of occupant behavior on the energy performance of a building has been studied for a very long time.

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However, despite many studies, occupant behavior is difficult to understand due to its complex and unpredictable Building information modeling BIM is a process that involves the creation and use of an n-dimensional model that can be used in the design, construction, and operation of a building.

BIM is changing the process by which Traditional project management strategies for highway projects originated with the advent of new construction during the s and s focusing on three dimensions of complexity i. Energy efficiency continues to be a challenge faced by the built environment. Research on determinants of energy efficiency identifies occupant behavior as the weakest link in attainment of energy efficiency goals set for If such staggering amount of money is spent on construction of schools, why not build them in In today's competitive business environment, every construction company confronts a decision-making dilemma and must decide whether to bid or not bid on a project s or which project s to bid on among candidates.

Performance in construction is strongly dictated by the processes, technologies, and the people involved.

architectural technology dissertations Architectural technology dissertations
architectural technology dissertations Architectural technology dissertations
architectural technology dissertations Architectural technology dissertations
architectural technology dissertations Architectural technology dissertations
architectural technology dissertations Architectural technology dissertations
architectural technology dissertations Architectural technology dissertations
architectural technology dissertations Architectural technology dissertations

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